United Services for Effective Parenting of Ohio: Our mission is to promote the well being of families and to support those who work to nurture Ohio’s children by developing human and financial resources and programs to that end. We are a non-profit organization founded in the 1970’s. Efforts include lifelong learning approaches to parenting by offering advocacy and education to help parents and professionals connect with resources and educational opportunities to support their role. USEP-OHIO is also the sponsor for the Ohio Association for Highway Safety Leaders (OAHSL), and is currently helping to create a collaborative team of Ohio professionals to support and review Ohio Department of Education standards.

Champions for Children

USEP-OHIO Champions for Children

Katherine McWilliams

Career advocate for families, coalition builder, educator and community organizer, USEP-OHIO supporter

"Organizations like USEP are so important for parents in today's challenging times, because we are not just raising our children, but we are preparing the next generation of leaders for our free world. An awesome task!"

USEP-OHIO Champions for Children

Kathy East

Career advocate and educator, designer of library and public education programs, leader and USEP-OHIO champion for children.

"One of parenting's greatest joys can come from sharing books... A lap, a picture book, a loving voice! (No batteries needed! Works for all ages!)"


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