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Child Safety Resources:

On The Road Safety

At Home Safety

  • ID R Kids: Obtain a photo Ohio ID card for your child at any Ohio Deputy Registrar. These cards for children will assist authorities in the event that a child is reported missing. There is no minimum age for obtaining an Ohio ID card. ID R Kids Fact Card

  • Family Disaster Preparedness Plan: You could be anywhere: at work, at school or in the car. How will you find each other? Will you know if your children are safe? Consider where you live and the unique needs of you will get back together and what you will do in different situations. (Spanish Version)

  • Safety Guide: Join Stanley the Safety Bug and his friends as you learn about Seat Belt Safety, Fire Safety, Bicycle Safety, Pedestrian Safety, Tornado Safety, School Bus Safety, What to Do in an Emergency.

  • Fire Escape Checklist: Make sure your child is prepared for a fire. Here is a Firefighters are My Friends coloring and activity book. (Provided by

  • A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety: Protecting our children against the fear of crime and from becoming victims of crime on the Internet must be a national priority.

  • The National Crime Prevention Council’s Internet Safety: Information and resources for staying safe online.

  • Parent’s Rules ‘N Tools: is the Internet safety site of

  • Food Safety Coloring Book: The 4 steps to food safety are: Clean: Wash hands and surfaces often, Separate: Don’t cross-contaminate, Cook: Cook to proper temperatures, Chill: Refrigerate promptly. Published by the USDA.

  • The Good Health Coloring Book: An alphabet book on various issues of maintaining good health and safety for children. Published by the Ohio Department of Health.

  • Poison Coloring Book: Distinguish between right and wrong things to eat.

School Safety

Thank you to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, an organization that supplied some of the above publications. More such publications can be found on their website

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