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One World: Clues and Cues is designed to be a guide for those wishing to communicate with those of diverse background and culture, recognizing uniqueness and honoring the character they bring to us.

The following descriptions are written for our understanding as relating to the workplace, the neighborhood or school. They are largely based on opinion and resources shared by a number of people who emigrated to the U.S., those who have been in this country for some time, and those who were born here. We thank them for being willing to discuss their cultures, traditions and the misunderstandings that can occur in what we call this American “quilt”.

Since these ideas are mostly opinion and may differ from the cultural values of people in your experience, we can only assume that because experiences differ, therefore opinions vary. This is meant to simply be a guide to enhance our understanding, not hard and fast rules for behavior, communication or culture. Some of the behaviors are probably common to most immigrants, but may be the same for differing reasons. This is a work in progress. We hope you will keep track of your stories to share with others as you experience the joys and challenges of trying to understand and communicate effectively.

Parents, Grandparents, Educators, Bosses, Community leaders, Professionals of all kinds, Schools, universities, churches and all those involved with education are expanding their tools and adding skills in order to effectively communicate with others. Thanks to organizations and companies sharing a global view, like World Vision, Microsoft, school districts, states and people like you and me – Americans and citizens of other countries – all are searching for answers to their need. We need to share developing resources to shape our skill sets and to aid us in communicating effectively with good will to all.

Needed most – to understand and to be understood; to teach, to listen and learn.

Whether trying to understand a neighbor or someone you work with/or for, or realizing how many different languages and cultures are represented in your presence, you need tools for understanding. It is critical for safety on the street and for community tolerance.

Combine patience, attentive listening and a desire to show respect and honor to the individuals surrounding you, with efforts to understand and assist each with unique needs and goals, and we can achieve satisfying new relationships here and abroad.

It is all too easy to insult and push away our friends and partners by simply not doing our homework to learn about what their real feelings and understandings are. When gifts are not pleasurable but insulting, when compliments are not received as compliments, when we nearly or completely miss the boat when it comes to communicating our feelings and needs, and understanding theirs, we can lose friends and respect. How do we treat people with respect unless we continuously seek to know their culture, their religious or national beliefs and their traditions?

USEP-OHIO recognizes that in our efforts to seek the best for parents, children and families, we need to offer support and education for communication. As we navigate the changing population in our country, in school or church, on the job, in the neighborhood and community; and as we travel outside the U.S., we have an awareness of the new world in which we live.

USEP is dedicated to:

  • the safety of families and communities
  • emotionally secure families that recognize the importance of physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual development and growth for all
  • the recognition of individual differences and the richness of honoring diversity

Our new America is the realm of an increasing diversity. We hope this information will aid you to reach new levels of understanding, expanded success in partnership, and your striving to increase the character of these partnerships will turn communication into conversation. We hope One World: Cultural Clues and Cues works for you.


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